successful and inspired working

Do you recognise that the pressure and complexity of your daily job can sometimes seem a struggle, a problem that has to be solved? Do you have the feeling that you are constantly not doing what you want? Do you feel that you are capable of more than you are showing? Do you ask yourself: ‘Couldn’t it all be different?’ We believe that it can be different but it will require conscious change. You will have to make profound contact with your inner self. Each one of us has an inner wisdom but not all of us are in contact with it. In that case, your contact with your inner wisdom has to be restored. That is the aim of this 3-hour workshop. In this workshop we work with one of the seven spiritual laws of Deepak Chopra.

artistic team coaching

The combination of art and personal development is actually quite an obvious one. Art aims to evoke feelings, elicit responses and sometimes even to provoke and create new insights. Together with a visual artist, I provide tailored workshops for teams from companies. The workshops combine visual art and coaching. Since the workshops are tailored, in principle, anything is possible, starting with one half-day session for 2 participants.

12-hours career navigator

This training course is given in a ‘pressure-cooker’ : After 7 successful years it has become an experience intensive programme. In this one-day workshop you will discover the new direction of your career in a refreshing, light and efficient manner. Rates upon request.