training course

being successful

Your working life is busy. You probably already have too much to do. Due to the pressure, like most of us, you tend to live mainly from moment to moment with too little time for reflection. Perhaps at those rare times you ask yourself: ‘Where am I actually going? Is this what I really want?’ You want to lead a full life; to get the most out of yourself and from your work. Why not take the time to look at yourself, to gain insight into how you have been functioning up until now?

career development programme

This programme comprises five half-day sessions and three coaching sessions. For additional information contact me.

applying for jobs professionally

Work that suits you is better work. But how can you find it? First, you need to have good insight into who you are, your natural qualities and the image you project. This insight should form the basis of how you present yourself to a potential employer. This programme is all about what you desire from your career and how you can achieve your desires by presenting a strong, personal profile.